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  • I am very pleased that I have found your Karate studio. I feel very welcome as a new student. I have found all staff/ instructors to be profoundly patient and beyond skilled on an exponential level.

    The most evident thing to me as a new student is: I feel the heart and joy of this Karate because everybody in the studio conveys that feeling. So for me.. if you want my input as a newcomer,I like the joy the most :) and the : hard work, sweat, wood floors and nothing fancy.

    I have told ALL my friends where I work ( in a hospital ) to come visit because I think that your studio is a GEM!! I have a friend who does Judo at work, and he was interested to stop by with his instructor - but... I do not know the policy on drop ins, and do not want to be rude.

    So to sum up, if I had one recommendation to change it would be: don't fundamentally. That is the truth Your studio is very unique. I would maybe recommend some add'l items for purchase- like bumper stickers, or T- shirts w/ IKA logo - because I will so represent.

    I think also that the Kumite tournaments you will be doing will benefit the kids. BTW- I also think your web site is excellent too. So that is my 2 cents. Thanks for this privilege!

    Jennifer S.
  • I've been to numerous Martial Arts companies in the Burbank and Glendale area.  I know Karate myself and was searching for a dojo for my 8 year old son.  International Karate Association is ---by far--- the best Dojo I've ever been too.  Highly recommend.

    For example, the average class has 20 students and there will be 3-5 adult blackbelts helping.  This is unheard of in most dojos.  And every blackbelt teacher I have seen is gifted at teaching kindly.  Not getting in the kids face, but smiling and showing how to do things correctly.

    You will love IKA!

    Renee T.
  • I have taken karate in the U.S. as a child and I have also taken Aikido in Japan. I have visited more than 9 dojos before making a decision to join IKA and Grandmaster Soke Kubota. I located this dojo on the internet by doing some research. Most of the dojos I visited had no discipline and usually there was not enough instructors or owner present. I contacted IKA and I was invited to visit. It takes me about a 1/2 hour to drive there, but it is worth it. The instructors are all exceptional and they all have a black belt with several degrees. The classes are traditional and everyone is very family oriented as he has yearly potlucks, movie gatherings and other activities. He has students that have been going there for 20 or more years, which shows you something. I would highly recommend going to IKA and visiting this facility even if it is a commute.

    Randy T.
  • Great organization! I miss training at the Glendale Dojo.

    Catherine N.
  • Great people. Great organization.

    Norman G.


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