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From Thea Kubota

I am excited about paying tribute to our many wonderful instructors.  As many of you may know, International Karate Association is unique in that, not only do we have a true traditional Japanese Karate Master of the highest rank, we also have many, many high-ranking instructors who show up week after week to teach and to assist with the classes.  What you may not know is that all of our instructors are volunteers.

All of the instructors have studied under Master Kubota for many years and received their black belts after thousands of hours of training and active participation in the IKA organization.  In addition, many of them have studied various other martial arts, such as judo, aikido, tae kwon do and others and many are national martial arts champions.

We are an organization deep in ethic diversity, and we feel blessed that our instructors, who come from many different backgrounds, have chosen to share what they have learned with our newer karatekas year after year.

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