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Beginner Kubojitsu Classes Starting In 6/2/2023

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International Karate Association's Kubojitsu is Soke Kubota's fusion of Jujitsu, Judo, Aikido, as well as his own Taihojitsu techniques (techniques of arrest used by police and security), and defense against weapons.

Kubojitsu is unique in that it fuses all these disciplines into a highly effective form of self-defense. Kubojitsu allows one to control and restrain an opponent as well as use and opponent's force and momentum against themselves for both control and defense. The use of throws, choke holds, wrist and arm locks, as well as strikes are all part of the curriculum.

Train The Unique & Effective Self-Defense Form Of Kubojitsu Exclusively At International Karate Association!

Classes are held every Thursday evening and personally taught by Soke Kubota. 

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